Operation of the Motorcycle


Preparation before Start

Gasoline filling

Although the CJ750 is tuned to operate on a minimum 91 RON fuel, there are circumstances such as high temperatures and full load where customers have reported that a higher Octane number gives better performance, and less likelihood of engine detonation. It is therefore recommended that the CJ750 uses the highest octane rating available locally at the pump. The use of Ethanol fuel or Ethanol mixed fuels will result in reduced drivability and will adversely affect fuel system components.DO NOT USE ETHANOL FUELS!

Before starting, check gasoline and oil levels. The gasoline level should be 15-20mm below the edge of filler port. Overfilling reduces the tanks air expansion space, which can lead to spillage and possibly temporarily block the fuel tank vent holes due to fuel slosh

 Oil filling

The oil level should be maintained between the upper and lower mark lines of oil dipstick (see Fig.3). The oil level is checked without screwing the dipstick into the crankcase. The oil levels for the gearbox and rear drive casing should be filled to start of the plug threads.

 gasoline and oil, check handle bar controls, brake and clutch for correct operation. Check pressure of tires, Wheel tightness, connection of sidecar to mainframe, electrolyte level of battery, and electric circuit and gasoline lines for serviceability.

Engine Start

There are two kinds of starting devices for the CJ750. Either the kick-starter or the electric starrer can be used. The following steps should be taken for "cold" engine starting.

Turn on the gasoline control knob.

This knob is a three-position one. Left position is OFF, Down position is RUN. Up position is RESERVE (when the knob is set to this position, the motorcycle can run approximately 30km).

Set the hand gearshift lever or footgear shift lever to neutral gear position. (When the transmission is in Neutral the green Neutral light will illuminate

Press down the button attached on the float chamber until fuel spill is noticeable from the float chamber cover of the carburetor.

Twist the throttle fully open, then return it to 1/7 open position.

 Switch the ignition switch to the RUN position. (Take care to ensure that the Engine KILL switch is not activated).

.Operate the kick starter 2 or 3 times or the electric starter for approximately 3 secs. If the engine does not start after this repeat the starting procedure checking for fuel and that the engine kill switch is not activated.

 Gently warm up the engine at slightly raised RPM for approximately 30 secs before riding away. It is preferable to ride the bike gently to warm it up rather than using extended idling periods. Please note that throttle response can be slightly delayed if the engine is not warm.

Reversing the motorcycle (with sidecar)

For reverse operation, operate as follows –

a) Stop the motorcycle completely

b) Set the gear lever position to NEUTRAL

c) Engage the reverse lever fully

Shutting down motorcycle operation

Set the gasoline control knob to OFF.

 Engage the parking brake by pushing down on the foot brake and then releasing the parking brake by lifting the handle slightly and rotating the handle 90 degrees