"What is a "Phoenix CJ750"

The Phoenix CJ750 is a sidecar motorcyle manufactured by the Zhuzhou Motorycle Company for Sellrite Trading Pty Ltd, a South African and Australian registered manufacturer of new motorcyles. The core of the Phoenix CJ750 is supplied by the Zhuzhou South Aero Co, however Sellrite Trading Pty Ltd has developed and owns the intellectual property used to comply the CJ750 to ADR standards, and controls the Quality Management System under which the units are assembled. Final assembly prior to sale takes place in Australia where ADR certified equipment is fitted to comply with Australian vehicle safety standards.

The "Phoenix" brand motorcycles built by Sellrite are allocated a specific Sellrite Pty Ltd VIN number using the international World Manufacturer Identifier allocated to Sellrite Pty Ltd.  

Only new CJ750 motorycles carrying the Sellrite VIN number and  a matching Indentification Plate Approval issued by Sellrite Trading Pty Ltd can be fully road registered in Australia 

 Can I import a CJ750 directly from China?

The Phoenix CJ750 is the only NEW CJ750 which can be imported to Australia legally, and registered. Australian import regulations do however allow the importation of used vehicles which were manufactured before 1989.

You should be aware however, that this import scheme has been abused by Chinese based builders, and many CJ750 motorycles have been imported and declared as pre-1989, when they are in fact newer models. These units are supplied with paperwork generated by the Chinese builders which does not  match the correct specification of the bike with the claimed age of the CJ750 being imported. Usually the VIN number and model year to be stamped on the frame is negotiated during the ordering process (1970 - 1975 are favorite dates). 
As a guideline, to qualify as a pre-1989 import the basic specification of the motorcycle should be - 

1) Sidevalve engine only. The OHV engine was never fitted by the factory to any CJ750B M1M until after 2000.

2) If it is claimed that the bike is a pre-1985 model the bike should be a M1 model and fitted with a 6 volt system.(The 12 volt system and electric starter were only introduced on the CJ750 M1M at the factory from 1985 onwards).

3) Right side fitted sidecar. No left side fitted sidecar was ever produced by the factories until after 1999. Under Australian import regulation guidelines, converting the sidecar from right side to left side may be considered a major conversion and the original motorycle build year is nullified and the new model year become the date of conversion. The left side sidecar subframe and tub developed in 1999 by the factory is completely different to that of the rightside subframe and tub.  (It is obvious that if a right side sidecar tub was really a converted to the left side the passenger entry cutout on the tub would end up facing the inside of the bike........

4) No reverse gear. The reverse gearbox was only introduced in 1985.

As long as the motorycle being imported is in the original pre-1989 specification as it left the factory on its build date, importation is legal. The common practice of calling a motorycle "restored" but fitting different engines,frames and parts from later models, and then still declaring the motorcycle as pre-1989 is fraudulent. Selling a motorcycle with a false date of manufacture is also illegal so you should consider how you handle this carefully!.

If you are looking to buy an authentic pre 1989 model we are more than happy to put you in touch with reputable builders in China.

What aftersales service is there for a CJ750

The CJ750 is not a "Full Service" purchase. Due to the bikes low-tech nature it is an ideal bike for owners who are handy with a few tools, as all repairs and routine maintenance can easily be carried out at home (and this helps keep running costs low). We have an agent located on the Gold Coast who is our primary contact for all sales and technical enquiries. A  limited fast moving spares inventory is held with the agent. Parts are however freely available world-wide and can be ordered from the Agent or from one of the many parts vendors in China.There are also several very active on-line forums (Including Australian owners forums) where owners share experiences and advice on maintaining a CJ750.

Should you require work undertaken on your CJ750 that you are not able to do yourself the agent will aways be able to assist, provided, you can ship the bike to his location on the Gold Coast

How reliable is the CJ750 and what is the quality like?

The CJ750 is based on 1938 design and manufacturing processes. Many of the parts are finished off by hand and this results in a fit and finish that is not to the tolerances you would expect from a modern production motorcycle. Given that the design originates from a 1938, on road performance limitations must be kept in mind.

Although there are some horror stories out in the marketplace regarding CJ750 reliability, this is a function of the way the motorcycle was assembled, and also the quality of parts used. In China, any motorcycle over 11 years old is required to be scrapped, and are they are then sold off at scrap metal value for a few hundred dollars. Many Chinese builders use these scrapped bikes to assemble the "restored" bikes that they sell. A few do a very good job, but the majority are purely driven by the large profits they can make. This results in a bike that is cosmetically restored and which looks stunning when new, but which deteriorates quicky, and often gives poor reliability.

The Phoenix CJ750 is assembled using only new components, and built under control of a detailed Quality Management System. The CJ750 is a comfortable and capable long distance tourer, as long as the bike is serviced correctly and operated within its limits along the way.  The bike can be used as a daily runabout - although be prepared to spend some time talking to people interested in the bike as they do atract a lot of attention!

How difficult is it to register a new CJ750

The Phoenix CJ750 has been  approved through the Australian  full volume vehicle compliance approval scheme. This means that the model  has been verified by the Road Vehicle Compliance  Scheme (RVCS) as compliant with all applicable Australian design rules. As the responsible motorycle manufacturer we are able to load each individual VIN number of the outfits we supply onto the federal NEVDIS system. When you receive your bike you simply need to  present the bike at your nearest transport office, together with a completed new vehicle registration form and the the tax invoice we provide. After an inspection that the physical motorcycle presented matches the virtual information on the NEVDIS system, a registration and plates will be issued by the transport office.