The Phoenix CJ750 is manufactured by SELLRITE TRADING PTY LTD, a limited liability company initially established in 1999 and registered in South Africa. SELLRITE TRADING PTY LTD ( South Africa), was registered with South African vehicle standards authorities in 1999 as a motorycle design and production facility, and Australian Federal registration as a licensee, design and production facility in 2006.

The company had developed the vehicle specification to homologate the CJ750 in South Africa, in 1999, and following formal homologation approval in 2000 became involved with the manufacture/build and distribution of the CJ750 through a subsiduary company "ATST".
Due to demand for CJ750 outfits that met the requirements of  countries aligned to the ECE/EEC harmoniization program (To which South Africa was a signatory) , Outfits were built in South Africa and exported to Canada, Botswana, Namibia and the UK. in both left and right side car versions.
In 2000, ATST signed a formal sales and distribution agreement for the CJ750 with the Nanchang CJ750 manufacturer the HONGDU HONG LEONG Co. During that year Hongdu released the CJ750B M1M (Plunger sprung frame) with a factory fitted left mounted sidecar, and also the 32hp OHV engine which was then in current use in the M5 (Swingarm frame) model.

In 2006, ATST was sold off from Sellrite Trading Pty Ltd, and was renamed XCLUSIVE BIKES, however the new owners had bitten off more than they could handle, and the company ran into financial difficulties shortly thereafter.The remnants of the ATST operation were later purchased by Tim Clarke of CAPE SIDECARS fame, who runs a very successful CJ750 rental, tour and sales operation in Cape Town, South Africa.

After the director of Sellrite Trading Pty Ltd relocated to Australia in 2008, and found it impossible to legally import the CJ750 without resorting to dubious import practices, it was decided to develop  CJ750 model that would meet the new vehicle standards requirements for Australia. .

Sellrite Trading Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 2009, and In August 2012, after a 3 year test, development and certification program, carried out in Australia, the appropriately named "Phoenix" CJ750 was given "New Full Volume" Australian compliance plate approval, allowing importation in unrestricted volumes.

The survival of the CJ750 has been ensured by obtaining ADR approval of the CJ750, however the CJ750 is not an modern day transport solution, and appeals mainly to riders with a love for history, classic bkes and mechanical tinkering.

Sellrite Trading is mainly involved in the Fuel and Convenience retailing sector in Queensland, however it has pledged to keep the CJ750 outfit, and parts and information/advice available in Australia