The Phoenix CJ750 Classic Sidecar Motorcycle is a piece of  motorcycling history.
A militarised version of the 1938 BMW R71, it served in both Russia (Ural M72)and China (Chang Jiang CJ750), with a production span totalling more than 75 years.

Over the years, technical evolution of this unique machine has been limited to only the improvements required to meet modern civilian road use. 

Low tech sturdy simplicity, shaft drive, proven air cooled horizontally opposed engine, reverse gear, stability, ease of servicing, plus seating for three and ample luggage space make this retro machine ideal for classic sidecar motorcycle adventures.

Fully ADR compliant Phoenix CJ750 outfits are now available in Australia. All outfits are supplied fully assembled, road tested and ready to ride.

In addition to our standard specification bikes, we are able to supply customised builds to meet your requirements - contact us to discuss.



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